Monday, March 12, 2012

Angel Jewelry by Sarah Jane Designer Jewelry

When you wear Saint, you wear the best. We use premium materials in our designer jewelry, 18-karat gold and sterling silver. We tap into a wide range of precious stones like diamonds and pearls to create pieces as distinctive as they are beautiful. A variety of faceted as well as cabochon cuts meld perfectly with the setting.

Jewelry by Sarah Jane Designer Jewelry

Inspired by nature, each motif offers a unique story and inspirational quality, bring each creature and piece to life.

Angel Jewelry

Each of us needs an angel. Especially during hard times. When life's storms move in, threatening security and peace of mind, Sarah Jane slips on her Angel necklace. It serves as a tangible reminder that she's not alone. That she is loved and protected. That her footsteps are guided by something bigger than herself. It makes all the difference.

Gemstones include and are not limited to aquamarine, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, London blue topaz, yellow beryl, amethyst, peridot, crystal quartz, red garnet, citrine, yellow sapphire, ruby, diamonds, white and Tahitian pearls. Just to name a few. Naturally, to protect your investment, all design motifs have a registered copyright.

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