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Patron Saint of Sailors - St Nicholas Patron Saints at

Many Christians who have St. Nicholas as a patron saint wear a St. Nicholas medal or a St. Nicholas pendant. The St. Nicholas charm is a favorite for children to be worn for the intercession and protection of St. Nicholas.
Patron Saint of Sailors Parents often wear a St. Nicholas necklace, praying for his aid in keeping their children safe from injuries and the evils of the world.
St Nicholas Patron Saints St. Nicholas is also known as: Klaus, Mikulas, Nicholas of Bari, Nicolaas, Nicolas, Niklas, and Santa Claus.

He was a priest and bishop of Myra during the fourth century and is revered for his generosity and protector of the innocent. St. Nicholas is the patron saint for a long list of causes and countries.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gift With Love - Most Popular Medals at

Wearing patron saint medallions are a great way to show your devotion to God and to receive the blessings that the patron saint has to offer. They also make a great gift to the people in your life who could use a little extra protection as they are going about their day to day life.
The Most Popular Medals at Patron Saint Medallions These medallions are available for a wide range of saints and you can generally find one for any occupation, nation, craft, or other demographic that you can think of. Though they are not expensive, the cost of purchasing the medals can get high if you are buying them for a lot of people.
Gift With Love Catholics love their patron saints and for good reason. They are the sworn protectors of their particular demographic and advocate or intercede on their behalf for blessing and grace from god.

However, there are a few saints that are more popular than others for a variety of reasons and they are the most common gold patron saint medals that you will come across. If you are just starting out as a collector of medallions, want to buy one as a gift for someone you love, or are trying to figure out which one you should buy for yourself, here is a list of some of the most popular saints.

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Religious Jewelry at JewelryAdviser

Most people own some kind of jewelry. Some people like rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. It could be the case that the most popular types of jewelry are rings and earrings. This is because people enjoy matching their rings and earrings to their outfit.
jewelry In addition, people often have two sets of earrings and two rings with them each day. This is so that they can go from casual to dressy depending on the occasion. Did you know that wearing jewelry is a form of artistic expression? Moreover, religious jewelry is a strong form of artistic expression. In addition, sterling sliver Christian jewelry is religious too.
Christmas Jewelry Religion is part of many people's lives. Wearing jewelry that depicts that religion is often a personal expression of faith. Whether it is a rosary necklace worn by a Roman Catholic or a Star of David worn by a person of the Jewish faith, religious jewelry allows that personal expression to shine. There are literally hundreds of designs available in our religious jewelry collection. You can find crucifixes in just about any finish and style you could think of.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Communion Jewelry. Ideas for First Communion Gifts at

Catholic Jewelry is a unique genre in the jewelry world and contains a wealth of products that you won't find in your typical Christian gift store. Catholic jewelry includes patron saint medals which are popular gifts to give as Confirmation and First Communion gifts.
patron saints jewelry Miraculous medals and 4-way medals are some of the most popular Catholic jewelry with miraculous medals being a popular gift for Mother's Day. The Vatican Library Collection is a unique line that features artwork from the Vatican Museums and is elegant enough to wear for any occasion.
Holy Spirit Sterling Medal For First Communion gifts, we recommend browsing our First Communion jewelry for this unique event. Here you will find bracelets, necklaces and pins for the special day. Read our Jewelry Materials Guide to help you decide what piece of jewelry is best for you.

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Saints Angels Jewelry at

Virgins, Saints, and Angels is dedicated to designing jewelry inspired by goddesses, recognized saints and  biblical figures that encourage enlightenment, expression and creativity by incorporating  imagery and symbolism borrowed from life in Mexico.
 Jewelry at All Virgins, Saints, & Angels necklaces and jewelry items are created in the historic Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende by a team of 32 highly skilled artisans. Each VSA design is handmade using materials native to the region, such as Mexican Silver, alpaca metal, 18k yellow gold and natural stones. Many of the coins used in the necklaces, bracelets and earrings have been  blessed in the Vatican.
Saints Angels Jewelry at
There are many beliefs behind charms such as the San Benito, Guardian Angel, and Saint Christopher. Some guard against temptation and evil, while others can to help you find something you have misplaced.  These Virgins, Saints, and Angels pieces have their special place in the homes and hearts of many.

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Catholic Shop - Catholic Medals from

The Catholic Shop is very pleased to bring you this Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant on premium Stainless Silver Heavy Curb Chain which is made in America. We are proud to say that this item is made in the USA from high quality materials by American artisans!
Catholic Shop Patron saint of TravelersMotorists. As Catholic's we believe every patron saint to be our intercessor and advocate in Heaven. We call them patron saints because they have lived a life of virtue and holiness and intercede effectively on our behalf for specific needs which they themselves may have had worldly experience with.
Please note that if you are choosing a personalization option on your medal that an additional 2 days shipping time is needed to process and engrave your item.
St medal product images viewed on our web site are in high resolution so you can be assured of the detail and quality of an item while you shop our store for gifts.

Please keep in mind that variations in screen resolutions and monitor settings from mobile devices, laptops, PCÌs, etc., Make it difficult to show medals in their exact size. If you have questions about the size and weight of a piece, please feel free to fill out the Catholic Shop online request form prior to checkout.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Medal Madonna - Hand Painted Patron Saint Jewelry by

Here you can find and buy original saint medals. The unique pendants with hand-painted miniatures on authentic jewellery enamel set in handcrafted 14-carat solid gold frames.
Hand Painted Patron Saint Jewelry by Since 1993 "we have been producing jewels with holy Madonnas, patron saints and also medals with flower design painted with ceramic pigments following traditional practices and employing the Limoges enamel technique of jewelry".
Medal Madonna - Hand Painted Patron Saint Jewelry by Each price includes a hand painted ceramic medal (fired at high temperature 800 ° C / 1500 ° F) set in a solid gold frame alongwith an inscription in black colour on its rear side (except too small Miniature Medals), luxury gift box and eight languages ​​certificate of origin and quality.

We can offer not only displayed holy medallions but also other enamelled products on your request or enamelled semi-finished elements for your own jewellery post production.