Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Patron Saint of Sailors Liked Water

What do people think of when they think of sailors? It is possible that they think of sailing, water, and boats. In addition, they could think of the cartoon sailor Popeye and Billy Bud. There have been other sailors such as Captain Ahab of Moby Dick fame. However, it could be the case that not everybody is familiar with the patron saint of sailors. How many people know that there is a patron saint of sailors? The answer to that question remains a mystery to this day. However, this is probably a safe bet. The patron saint of sailors liked water.

St. Nicolas Patron Saint of Sailors

Sailors like to sail and sailors like water. It could also be the case that his name is Nicholas. Moreover, it could be the case that the patron saint of sailors inspired Christopher Cross’s hit song Sailing. This is because it is a soothing and soft romantic song that makes hearts melt. However, it seems as if this sailor’s name is Elmo. No, this sailor isn’t the orange puppet on Sesame Street. No, Elmo is the name of the patron saint of sailors. In addition, Saint Elmo is the patron saint of children and infants who were ill. He is the patron saint of sailors. Sailors need a patron saint to look after them because sailors need protection during storms. It is a good thing that the patron saint of sailors liked water.

Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medals

For Centuries members of the Roman Catholic Church have been wearing medals that bear the image of one or more saintly figures. Today, thanks to introduction of the Internet, an growing number of people have the ability to purchase and wear sterling silver patron saint medals.

Some of those medals do not resemble our modern day accessories. Some, for example look like the piece that can be found by placing this phrase in a search engine: “Saint Michael Ancient—lock medal.” The design on this item copies a picture that was drawn by hand. An expert craftsman has carved that picture onto a silver medallion.

Various members of the Armed Forces welcome the chance to buy and wear in battle a Saint Michael’s medal. For that reason, those medals can be purchased from a number of web sites that carry items for members of the military. One site that focuses on items for members of the U.S. Marine Corps carries such a medal.

Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medals

It is a circular item with a diameter of one inch. It has been designed to hang on a 20 inch long silver chain. It has the phrase “Saint Michael Protect Me” on the bottom and the phrase “United States Marine Corps” on the top. It displays the image of the Marine Corps seal—a globe intersected by an anchor, with an eagle on top of the globe.

Customers who want to personalize a Saint Michael medal can do so, by going online and placing an order. They can then expect to receive a silver item with a diameter of ¾ inches, and one that is designed to hang from an 18-inch rhodium plated stainless steel chain.