Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Patron Saint of Sailors - St Nicholas Patron Saints at

Many Christians who have St. Nicholas as a patron saint wear a St. Nicholas medal or a St. Nicholas pendant. The St. Nicholas charm is a favorite for children to be worn for the intercession and protection of St. Nicholas.
Patron Saint of Sailors Parents often wear a St. Nicholas necklace, praying for his aid in keeping their children safe from injuries and the evils of the world.
St Nicholas Patron Saints St. Nicholas is also known as: Klaus, Mikulas, Nicholas of Bari, Nicolaas, Nicolas, Niklas, and Santa Claus.

He was a priest and bishop of Myra during the fourth century and is revered for his generosity and protector of the innocent. St. Nicholas is the patron saint for a long list of causes and countries.

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