Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Patron Saint of Sailors Liked Water

What do people think of when they think of sailors? It is possible that they think of sailing, water, and boats. In addition, they could think of the cartoon sailor Popeye and Billy Bud. There have been other sailors such as Captain Ahab of Moby Dick fame. However, it could be the case that not everybody is familiar with the patron saint of sailors. How many people know that there is a patron saint of sailors? The answer to that question remains a mystery to this day. However, this is probably a safe bet. The patron saint of sailors liked water.

St. Nicolas Patron Saint of Sailors

Sailors like to sail and sailors like water. It could also be the case that his name is Nicholas. Moreover, it could be the case that the patron saint of sailors inspired Christopher Cross’s hit song Sailing. This is because it is a soothing and soft romantic song that makes hearts melt. However, it seems as if this sailor’s name is Elmo. No, this sailor isn’t the orange puppet on Sesame Street. No, Elmo is the name of the patron saint of sailors. In addition, Saint Elmo is the patron saint of children and infants who were ill. He is the patron saint of sailors. Sailors need a patron saint to look after them because sailors need protection during storms. It is a good thing that the patron saint of sailors liked water.

It also seems as if patron saints aren’t appreciated for all the help that they provide people. This is because Saint Elmo was killed in a very brutal way. It is advisable that readers with weak hearts shouldn’t read this part of the article. Executioners bound him to a board, slit open his stomach, and attached the end of his intestines to a spool at the center of a wheel. In addition, to add insult to injury, they also turned the wheel and wound poor Elmo’s innards around the center spool. However, even though this story is a bit painful, it has a happy ending. This torture made Saint Elmo the perfect choice for patron saint of stomach ailments. Saint Elmo is also the patron saint of sailors because of an electrical storm. Here is a bit of the story of how Elmo became the protector of sailors.

Patron Saint of Sailors

According to legend, Elmo was preaching the word of God on a ship when a fierce storm began to blow. He kept preaching about God during the storm and was not hurt by the lightening. Therefore, he was named the patron saint of sailors. It is said that he protects sailors by casting a blue light that sometimes hovers around a ship’s masthead. This blue light is his way of signaling that the water is fine, he is watching over the ship, and all is well. Did you know that candles are a way to ask for protection during a storm? It is a good think that the patron saint of sailors liked water.

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