Friday, February 3, 2012

Selection Gifts for Valentine's Day - Gold Patron Saint Medals

If you are looking gifts for Valentine's Day then there are a few places where you can get them inexpensively. The first place you should look is at online retailers. Internet stores are able to offer their products and services for less than regular stores because the overhead is very low in comparison.

Selection Gifts for Valentine's Day - Gold Patron Saint Medals

This means they can offer bigger discounts on patron saint medallions. You will also find more specialty stores online that offer a bigger selection of medals for you to choose from. Offline retailers may not have as many because they can’t spare the space.

Selection Gold Patron Saint Medals

Saint Mary Magdalene is another popular saint whom you will find many gold patron saint medals with her image on them. She is the patron saint of a big list of occupations and afflictions including converts, hairdressers, and penitent sinners.

She is famous for a number of things including cleaning Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair and anointing them with perfume as well as being the first person Jesus showed himself to after he arose from the dead.

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