Monday, June 6, 2011

Who is the Patron Saint of Police?

The patron saint of police is the archangel Michael. According to the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faith, he was a field commander in the army of God who fought against the uprising of Lucifer. He is mentioned several times in the bible including being mentioned as an advocate for the Children of Israel and specifically Daniel’s. Saint Michael’s action against Lucifer is considered the first act of chivalry since he went into battle against Lucifer without being commanded to do so. As such, he shares the title of patron saint of chivalry with Saint George. He is also the patron of warriors, paratroopers, fighter pilots, the Catholic Police Guard, Germany, City of Brussels, and Kiev.

Patron Saint of Police

As an archangel, there is quite a bit of religious lore about Saint Michael. He is frequently portrayed as carrying a sword or the scales of justice. It is said that he was the angel who informed Abraham’s wife Sarah that she would have a child and that he was the one to stopped Abraham from killing the boy on the mountain. Rabbinic traditions has that the patron saint of police Michael watched over Adam and Even after they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and he was the one that taught Adam to farm.

The patron saint of police Saint Michael’s reputation in military affairs is rivaled by his position as an angelic healer in the Christian belief system. The church teaches that it was Michael who caused the Chairotopa medicinal spring to spout which cured any sick person who bathed in it. The Pythia hot springs are also attributed to Michael. It is said that he manifested over the mausoleum of Hadrian to answer the prayers of Pope St. Gregory I to stop the plague in Rome. Today, that mausoleum is called the Castel Sant’Angelo and a feast is held in his honor every year on June 9.

Throughout the years, there have been claims by many to have seen Saint Michael. One well known story in the Catholic tradition has Michael appearing at a sanctuary in his name to divert the river Lycus away from the church to prevent its destruction. In the majority of the stories about Saint Michael, he is always the one who stands up for others which is probably why he is popular as the patron saint of police. He protects those who endeavor to protect others.

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