Friday, June 24, 2011

Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medals - Popular Option for Men

Buying jewelry for men is a tricky proposition. Because they don’t want to appear feminine, men tend to reject most of the jewelry options available out there. Anything they do get has to look manly which often means big bulky rings, plain but stylish watches, or tiny earrings. If you want to take the guesswork out of looking for a gift for the man in your life, then sterling silver patron saint medals are worth looking into. Although they are considered religious jewelry and many Catholics wear them as a show of their faith in God, an equal number of non-Catholics wear them also for a variety of reasons.

Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medals

The biggest challenge you will probably have when buying sterling silver patron saint medals for your man is deciding with patron saint to get him. You have several hundred to choose from. A good way to pick a saint is to choose the part of their life you want to honor and buy a medallion of the saint that corresponds to that. For example, if your man is in law enforcement or in the military, then he will probably enjoy receiving a medallion of Saint Michael the archangel and patron saint of police officers and warriors.

Silver is a good color for men because it is a neutral color and will match anything in his wardrobe. However the medallions also come in gold, white gold, platinum, and bronze so you don’t feel you can only buy sterling silver patron saint medals. Anytime is a good time to get him this type of gift but may be particular special if you present it to him on his birthday, an anniversary, a holiday, or even a religious milestone. If your man likes collectibles, you can get him more than one plus a display case to get him started.

Sterling silver patron saint medals can be purchased from a variety of places. Mostly, though, you will find them in stores that specialize in selling religious paraphernalia. You will also find a good selection of medallions online. You can also learn about the different saints by visit the official Catholic website. They have a section that provides information on most of the saints as well as the process involved in inducting someone into sainthood. So instead of giving a gift that may not be very meaningful, give a patron saint medal that he will cherish for life.

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